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Uefa opens disciplinary proceedings against Celtic over supporters’ banner

Uefa has opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic after their supporters held up a banner that read “Fuck the Crown” during their Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk. However, Rangers have

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Researcher discovers a muscle that can promote glucose and fat burning to fuel metabolism for hours while sitting

From the same mind whose research propelled the notion that “sitting too much is not the same as exercising too little,” comes a groundbreaking discovery set to turn a sedentary

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Haleon believes it is not liable for any potential Zantac liabilities

Haleon believes it is not liable for any claims that may arise from U.S. litigation over the heartburn drug Zantac, the London-listed company’s CEO Brian McNamara said. More than 2,000

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The legacy of shareware is everywhere

I had no idea how important shareware was, and arguably still is, to the gaming industry until today. To me, shareware represented the few games I managed to play for

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Man in court after girl, 9, stabbed to death while playing hula-hoop in street

A man has appeared in court after a nine-year-old girl was allegedly stabbed to death while playing hula-hoop in street. Lithuanian national Deividas Skebas, who has been charged with murdering

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